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Markings on concrete block surfaces have been done using traditional paint or thermoplastic materials. Maintenance of these markings is difficult and costly. The frequency at which repainting has to be done is very high. Further more the visibility of these markings was poor during night due to lack of luminance factor.Reflective Pavers can be used for various applications, in both commercial and residential constructions.

Pavers have become so popular for use around the house and gardens, due to the increasing varieties available on the market today. There are hundreds of colors and shades available in pavers, as well as, shapes, designs and sizes.

Paver walkways are versatile, durable, long lasting and heavy duty. Walkways provide practical guidance to your visitors, offering a safe direction around your property. Paver lights provide extra safety at night. They are safe, slip resistant and easy to maintain with sweeping and washing. Walkway pavers also make for a cleaner environment by keeping muddy footprints from inside the house.

Reflective Pavers offer an entire universe of paving design, color, shape possibilities, as well as a multitude of benefits and advantages.

Advantages Of Reflective Pavers Block

 Consistency in dimensional tolerances.
 Eliminates the need for re-painting.
 Provide permanent markings for traffic
 Consistency in colour
 Practically maintenance free.
 Available in different colours.
 High strength units with integral reflective colouring.
 Generally self - cleansing.
 Clearly visible at night and in adverse weather


The various benefits of interlocking pavers include their abundant design options, comparative ease of repair, lack of cracking, environmental friendliness and durability. Krushna Vandna Pavers application on Road humps, Road markings, Zebra crossings, Demarcation lines, Traffic safety sign.

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